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This year it’s personal.


Unto the world of Deemo they shall come.


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Salvatore has informed me if we bomb here he is rejoining the marines , kind Sir the man has flipped his lid, steam coming off his silver long locks, the firecracker has been lit, cover your ears for the love of Mr. Ed.. Young lady could you please fetch the old man a spot of tea, the bones seem to be creaking a bit at the moment ...... White Wavy Strands Run Supreme/Against Pretenders Who No Longer Can Dream/ Dee Don't Like Your Kind Round Here/Blind Hate We No Longer Fear.... Can I Get An Amen For The Laymen.. We Are Going To Rock The Flock.. Angry Scotsman Launch The Ship, It's Go Time Chief... For 12.points how many words of this Intro is the Deemented Deevello going to screw up on Sunday ... Savoid has set the over and under at 6

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Don't Miss our Astoria Rocks St JUDE kids Event this Sunday Aug 3rd at Cavo's in Astoria's going to be fantastic funfilled event with Deemohaus and many other great bands....visit For more info


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Cavo, Astoria, NYC 6 PM

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