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New 6 songs on tap mates. Going for the harder edge style. Demolition D&RR Derby Freeport Raceway Style my favorite so far of the bunch though Shepherds to the Flock dark and deep with a payoff pitch harsh edge finish, coin toss. Olympic Ski Shop Rob SCHeeeeeeennnee in the Haus, he so cool his name looks like a hot rod. Into the studio we go. Create we do. Where it goes, I never really cared much as long as it helped one other chart a course, to see something in a new light to help not hurt their greater good. Batting 1000 so far. Ryders Up Freddy Guarino. We have some tunes to record. The day you stop creating or doing something different each and every day in some way, is the day your brain turns to mud.... Pleased to report the mates here at Deemohaus all shining bright.

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