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Hey you over there, that's right , I'm talking directly to all of you, all 3001 fake friends of which probably at least 2998 are just spam make believe charge the fat man who don't ya, listen up , I'd delete this waste of space page but Disgracebook won't let me so do the Big Dee a favor and unlike this page or I'm coming around the corner with the milk truck, except when you are not looking , the cow was really a goat, so it's goats milk you drinking which is fine and dandy if you don't mind goats milk bait and switch hang that used car salesman at the nearest tree for selling me a lemon , though then again , give me a lemon , we could make some lemonade , prop up some pigeon by the corner block , hang out a shingle , make some Do Rei Mee, could you believe Julie Andrews showed her Honkin Henry Milk parades in that hilarious movie about the posers in HollyWeird, then again they did rid us of the measles , only shingles still hanging around , oh right measles are back in town cause the morons can't figure out we are 1 with all life here, humans to amoeba , evolution dork, no excuses 2015 for ignorance and stupidity , so please for the love of Mr. Ed, unlike this page so I can delete it from my memory,,, unreal, this page sitting here two years and not one entry or comment from the rest of Em except the Angry Scotsman , handed them the keys to the castle for free, and they didn't do their homework or studied the Kings English, that's right, go to your room , no Good Humor Goody Cream truck for you, ready on three, hit unlike and go away, I have a side bet too with #Yo 11 Seven Heaven I get get rid of all of you by Friday.. He gave me 120 to 1, ready, set, hands in the middle, on 2, Hut, Hut

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It's Alive In The Air.
26 creations, each different.
Prodigal sons to Call to Arms guns, Bagpipes to Monks to Funks to Rock the Flock to Angels , Sitar to guitars, Ghandi to Blondie, Tranz to Dance, Scat to What the frack is that, Drews to Old Bull Stews.
Create, don't imitate, progression of expressions to break your patterns to avoid the reptilian part of our brain that would still have us in caves by settling for status quo. Whoever set up these game rules on Earth, eat or be eaten where all we need could come from our Mother Sun, the competition for life did not have to include the carnage that ensues every moment to something or one so another can see the light of another day. Nothing elegant about that grand design. Humans, your resume counts believe it or not. I hope mine come judgement day, assuming we are not all worm food in the circle of energy, gets me to pass Go to move on to a more peaceful way of life. I do know my great great grand-kids assuming we make it 2112 still dominant, with bucket list- check marks the spot, it's in the books, historical thoughts as in the FunHaus, they gonna have a clue what went through their fore father creators mind back when he railed against the tide fully knowing his achievements should suffice but they never do, cause he's clueless on 99 percent of all things around him to their real meanings and purposes. The human condition. Where's my dogs. Hug your dogs. Those who don't love their dogs, they give us clues, run from those cretins....
Whatever you do, please, no woman or children anywhere near the boat in this new remix of Track 13, Peter Pecker Pirate's battlefield reporting of the carnage as it occurred. There was sadness all over the boat... The Horrrorrrrrr

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