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To all who came with me tonight I'm sorry I can't be with you next few hours
Thousands of hearts beat as one
Ty U2
Ty Holy Cowan for the sunglasses
I weep daily but this second its a
Can't stop the dance
This is my last chance

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Song 7 off the next album, Pompano Sessions, Final Title to be determined. Date of recording August 2015 . Running In Place. Harsh driving guitar to accompany this wolf howling at the moon moment when the message was given for maybe one or two of you to one day hear... The guitar licks alone worth the click of the clock time to rock with your mates from Deemohaus.
Daniel Strong.
Rock On.
Calm down Lawyer fellows, the song was copyrighted in the book, only been sitting on the shelf for 2 years now... my bad... though now, looks like we might have John The Cat Gatto a Good Rat maybe coming on board help rock the boat... now there was a toe tapper, Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby, rock the boat.. wait one Sammy Davis Jr. Second, are we rocking the boat Hues Corporation or are we sitting still, bad enough the grub you give us oarsman down in the galley even the rats hiding out behind our bunks won't eat it, now one second you telling us to rock the boat, then don't rock the boat baby, what baby, only men on this ship and this ain't prison, we don't do any rocking the boats together in our bunks, lots of fish skin oil ok, I mean it's a gland thing, butkus bach to the rocking the boat Hues Corporation song, Do we rock the boat or don't we?? Math don't add up Captain.

Waste of time, Waste of Place, No way I can be from this human race>? There have been Milton Dickman sightings recently here on Facebook. He might even post some on the blog. I thought he'd never come out of his cubby hole again after the last cold jerk oops the arrow missed the target, but this time, I think we gonna sail our ship dead solid perfect... the best things in life take time to percolate, can't be serving the soup until its ready.... oh for the love of Dean Martin, now I'm gonna be hearing that inane song in my head all night, rock the boat, don't rock the boat, get married, get divorced, get married, get divorced, take this, do that, rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby@@@
“Bonus Section 3

Deemohaus Album Lyrics- “Life in Deemohaus”

Running in Place To be released at later date
Labor so long
Trying to belong
Hours on End
My goal to defend
When the time came to shoot the gun
Not even close, done and run
Locked and lost in an endless loop
Like I’m playing chicken in a coop
Too late to make amends
Keep on burning candles on both ends
Seeing if I gather that whole ball of wax
Still blind to the fact gotta pay the tax
For all this success there is a toll
Who knew the price was my heart and soul?
Led myself down a long empty road
Love’s lost leaving me widowed
Feed the frenzy, feed the fever pitch
Starve friends, starve the bitch
That relationship has sailed and sunk
all rescue attempts failed, I’m funked
Leaving me master of my domain
But Slave to the poison in my brain
Waste of time, waste of space
Dealing with another fall from grace
Waste of time, waste of space
Do I even belong in the human race?”

Excerpt From: Deemo Monosson. “Revenge of the Cheesesteak.” iBooks.

Revenge of the Cheesesteak

Read a sample or download Revenge of the Cheesesteak by Deemo Monosson with iBooks.

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Tic toc almost time to rock
Showdate within two weeks
In Papa Rons hands

For now roll call time

Fellow Empath time to unite
See post in the pics
Friend your dee direct
It's time that those that can feel and see deep help the herd in stronger ways

Old bull on the mountain
I stand guard real now
No more cloaks
Always some jokes make the day smile some through the pain
Daniel Strong
Rock On

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