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The Story of Naked Deemo in the Full Swing golf simulator as released in the Oxcock Gazette, Piper Hogwood reporting:

Piper: Dee, that buck naked picture of you swinging in the golf sim, what in the name of Holy Cowan were you thinking? I hear the local hospital when it wants to induce vomiting, uses it to help them purge.

Dee: Once and for all, I am not an exhibitionist!! However, in my codes blackmail to me is a Cardinal Sin.

The night that pic was snapped, well Cuz, prior the mates had an all night summer music jam fest where I had drank a dozen or so red, white and blues in a can to grease the creative wheels. Plus socializing with the humans is not my gig so if I had to endure the mix, may as well have some suds to make the time pass.

I was surprised to realize it was 4 AM with an 8 AM golf tourney on tap that morning. Time to practice as sleep was no longer an option. I stumbled into the Deemohaus studio where the indoor golf sim is located and started to bang the ball proper. The air conditioner was on the fritz again, it must've been 112 degrees in the big box. So one is around, I stripped naked and continued on with my work .... And then I heard click, click, click...

Lo and behold Lady Hauser had snuck up behind me and was snapping away pictures like I was Joe Willie Namath in Playgirl.

Flabbergasted I asked her why she was taking pictures of me in the buff in the golf sim?

She retorted "If you ever cross me I'm going to take these snapshots and show them to all your friends"!!!

Well, she had no idea who she was dealing with. No one blackmails Deemo and when it comes to the body I have no shame or much of a sex drive to boot.

I told my current courthouse approved wife "Oh yea young lady, Mrs. Fancy Pants know it all, I am going to take this attempted extortion and school you in appropriate behavior in the land of DeemoHaus.

This album Salvatore and I are contemplating , the one you mock telling me nightly that no one will ever want to listen to a bunch of old bulls and one angel playing original music, a waste of time and effort, the same way you said I couldn't write a book in 2 weeks and then even after I did, that no one but me would ever read it, you up there Lady Hauser, you rest assured I'm taking these pictures of glory and on that album you said Sally and I would never follow through to record, you watch, I'm gonna put this swinging golf naked Dee picture right on our album cover and then I'm going to plaster that photo in Rolling Stone, Golf Digest and The Daily Racing Form. You are the Anti-Inspiration. No one blackmails the Big Dee. My life is an open Facebook as the only way to live as We Are One....

And that is exactly what this human before you did Sir Hogwood.

Piper: You know you are a total moron, right?

Dee: Good point sir, is it porridge time yet ?

Nov 2nd, 2014 4:04pm • No Comments

It's Showcase month here for the Big Cheese Record Kings at Deemohaus. Enny Meany Miney Moe, who will catch Sally by the toe, when Deemo Hollers just smack him in the head a few times, he'll get in line in a winning time, bet the pass line.

World Tour dates will be announced by November. Dee says his world tour End of the Earth map goes from Freeport to Manhattan. Sal has different ideas. Venice and Rome in his sights. Time will tell.

Our Saint's Journey music video is set to commence shooting in November as the script is being fine tuned. We wish our best to our music video corroborators Sir Bruzio and Sir Croce with their new movie, Hunter Gatherers making the rounds. A great premise, a deer turns the table on the hunters. 12 thumbs up approved.

Rock on Mates. Rock On. To those that have been with us from the beginning, tickets on the Haus if we ever are not playing for our charities... We take care of our own. Always. No Bridge Jumping allowed just yet. To Patsy and Justin, we notice... We will make it your way sooner than later. Your circle from Deemohaus.

In Sal Dee Trust.

Oct 10th, 2014 10:35am • No Comments

Deemohaus Nation commented on their own photo.

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