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What is Deemohaus? And how can I get in? From a newly indoctrinated circle mate perspective…

Grab a drink, listen to live music, sit down at a poker table, watch a game on one of a mass of flat...

Aug 21st 5:29pm • No Comments

Facebook to me is creative writing with the glory that i can touch or be touched by others in our mind meld in big and small ways..... anyone have hockey to breeding rules discussion to the glory of love in their sleep REM state last night?
Ps i have no plans on general random thoughts though the highly personal stuff that involves the many I am one with to my one and only, ive learned that lesson.
For the negative hurlers, Just hit delete to stop you don't like my soup, keep the snipers away

Aug 6th 8:35am • No Comments

Tic toc almost time to rock
Showdate within two weeks
In Papa Rons hands

For now roll call time

Fellow Empath time to unite
See post in the pics
Friend your dee direct
It's time that those that can feel and see deep help the herd in stronger ways

Old bull on the mountain
I stand guard real now
No more cloaks
Always some jokes make the day smile some through the pain
Daniel Strong
Rock On

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Jul 25th 10:54pm • No Comments

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