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It's Showcase month here for the Big Cheese Record Kings at Deemohaus. Enny Meany Miney Moe, who will catch Sally by the toe, when Deemo Hollers just smack him in the head a few times, he'll get in line in a winning time, bet the pass line.

World Tour dates will be announced by November. Dee says his world tour End of the Earth map goes from Freeport to Manhattan. Sal has different ideas. Venice and Rome in his sights. Time will tell.

Our Saint's Journey music video is set to commence shooting in November as the script is being fine tuned. We wish our best to our music video corroborators Sir Bruzio and Sir Croce with their new movie, Hunter Gatherers making the rounds. A great premise, a deer turns the table on the hunters. 12 thumbs up approved.

Rock on Mates. Rock On. To those that have been with us from the beginning, tickets on the Haus if we ever are not playing for our charities... We take care of our own. Always. No Bridge Jumping allowed just yet. To Patsy and Justin, we notice... We will make it your way sooner than later. Your circle from Deemohaus.

In Sal Dee Trust.

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