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Shepherds to the Flock
Rocker version
Brother Gioia , Rob Schene so mean, Sir Guarino in the Tiki studio just arrived after our other responsibilities of work handled , other arenas handled.

Another song that's been sitting on shelf for over a year.
DeemoFunhaus version bagpipe flute for the movie if made... If..

Angel Cries next.. It's the good stuff, three parts - sadness of injustices done to innocent, into take your ass off the ground to battle to fix, to part three the brawl.. Every player on stage gets to jam their emotion of that moment part three until they are done. This only been done, ready for the last few percent to finish for over two and half years .

When we play live if you want robots to exact duplication of our published recordings , put on your headphones and hit play.. Of course live shows each song in set will be close to the recordings with critical parts like the middle of Saints Journey bond between singer and piano held true ...

My brother Salvatore, Manny, Angel Linn, Sister Vello and even my Angry Scotsman are setting sail their own ship. It's necessary for many reasons. Some humans after our real work is done, need to focus on fixing the soil and seeds planted if you want growth to health. Others plight is to focus on the effects of the cause. This is why both bands must exist.

The stall of progress, dropping the Mighty One, ignoring independent feedback of who deserves a song on stage to my own glorious wife not playing a note on her Viola with others since the Cavo show, well, they give us clues, you try to decipher what's best for all. They came to the conclusion first , they saw earlier what had to be done. No one is rooting for my brothers and sisters in their new adventure more than me. They are great enough to get their with their own magical songs and wisdom . All this is a prime example of quantum mechanics entanglement theory being right and wrong at the same moment for both. However when I think or shut my eyes this mop top spins to their souls, they are so good .. They will get there...

Whose the new singers and bass player?
No clue yet, Papa Ron, the others bring to see if they can be one with those intended to fly pelican fly on things Deemohaus is asked to do.

Last but not least just for the record as so many love to shoot poison arrows into backs, as I've stated if you one with me here now and these no longer for majority public posts, your Dee with any music to writings if and from day one small to big if it brings any fruit past raw costs to mates that need as earned to help live, I give back here...

Money in banks outside of war chests to keep if one can no longer work due to health or loss of abilities that all your work prior you can live out your days nicely is wasted if not put back to use to help the flock into the economy .. Some get blinded by the zeroes to self worth measurements to hah I have more toys , I won... Nope no way , no how ... That paper credits must go back to work for the greater good that works for the flock first, to your apple cores next then and only then to enjoy life's beauty and glory here. To most of my core this is known.. If not, I hope I sparked thought in your motivations to actions . Yes, NYC could get hit by a meteor next minute and my fruits in the tree decimated .. Been there, done that . Leave me my brains intact and good to try again.. Do the tasks of your own world direct with your own two hands if you want to have a chance to succeed at your attempts. No substitute.

Time card matters in the end.
Those who look to share their lives with hugs and breath, pain, pleasure, love to anger, stay close to them.. Time card critical. Shortcuts when dealing with big picture items there are none.
No secrets ever with me.
Players to tour if it's the local pub to Wembley, either or but coming are-
New ensemble will be full shortly .
Papa Ron on the case with Sir Guarino
Next week auditions

Joseph Gioia- piano
Lauren Monosson - Viola
Rob Schene - Rhythm Guitar
Blue Moon - Drums
Dee - Piano to Synths to other instruments I'm capable of whose skill getting close for masses
Dennis Freed - Flute
Fred Guarino - Master knob turner, sound, studio
Utah Ron Monosson- Bass when needed , family first, my nieces-nephews they need you there RR, not yet plus FSG and ski park city
Olivia Monosson - Ballet gold medalist - song together for her to dance
Grace Schene - Clarinet Sax
Lori Guttentag - Piano

Vocals are many
Each has their place by their free will and how good their songs together have been.
Variety is the spice of life

Sir John Laruffa
Michael Langer
Joseph Gioia
Frankie D'Ambrosio - Man among men
Drewsy Brown

New female lead no instruments required.
We will know when she auditions , it will be a no brainer instant yes..

New male lead no instruments required, bonus if there is.

Hundreds of songs on tap, no more waiting .
Future vocalists -
Dr. Michael Brickman, Freeport Demolition Derby

Hope JP added to this list soon guitar
His talents, intelligence and empathy off the charts , He played with us the Christmas Mulchays show 2013

Biggest hugs to Sal, Lori, Manny and of course our Angel Linn-- so good, we r 1 forever

May 8th 5:49pm • No Comments

New 6 songs on tap mates. Going for the harder edge style. Demolition D&RR Derby Freeport Raceway Style my favorite so far of the bunch though Shepherds to the Flock dark and deep with a payoff pitch harsh edge finish, coin toss. Olympic Ski Shop Rob SCHeeeeeeennnee in the Haus, he so cool his name looks like a hot rod. Into the studio we go. Create we do. Where it goes, I never really cared much as long as it helped one other chart a course, to see something in a new light to help not hurt their greater good. Batting 1000 so far. Ryders Up Freddy Guarino. We have some tunes to record. The day you stop creating or doing something different each and every day in some way, is the day your brain turns to mud.... Pleased to report the mates here at Deemohaus all shining bright.

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